Hi! I’m Kim! I’m a wedding and portrait photographer based in Denver and I freakin' love working with people who are in love whether it be with their partner, their work, their family (including fur babies) or even their food!
I’m a frequent traveler and crave travel regularly to refuel my creative side. I love doing extensive research when I travel that guides me in where to go and, of course, what to eat. No trip is complete without my honey, Ryan. He’s my all-time favorite travel companion. 
When I’m not photographing my epically awesome clients you can catch me in the mountains on Jeep adventures with my fiancé or going to all my favorite Red Rocks concerts. I am a loyal binge watcher of The Office and Parks and Recreation. While we are talking about loyalty I guess I can bring up my obsession with Anthropolgie. Honestly, you can never have too many candles or dish towels. 
I believe that cat cuddles are sacred. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll likely see their faces far more than mine, but you’ll also see the many faces of people who I am lucky enough to photograph. Witnessing my coupes in love on their big day reminds me of how it feels to laugh so hard my cheeks hurt or how to take quiet moments to appreciate watching fresh snow fall. Life is made up of so many beautiful little moments and I am so grateful that I get to share so many of them with my clients. 

About Me

- donuts

- swear words

- Grey's Anatomy (I want to dance it out with Christina Yang)

- Anthropologie (Treat yo self)

- candles (there is no such thing as too many)

My Guilty Pleasures...

- In taking it as a compliment when people call me "dorky," "nerdy," or "quirky"

- travel feeds the soul

- in finding a new song and listening to it on repeat

- in the power of a fresh bouquet of flowers

- delicious food and alcohol is money well spent

I Believe...

These are My People

- Forever Ago - Woodlock

- Wild Horses - The Rolling Stones

- Rubble to Rubble - Wilderado

- Amsterdam - Gregory Alan Isakov

- Helplessly Hoping - Crosby, Stills & Nash

Current Favorite Songs

-The Royal Tenenbaums

- Little Miss Sunshine

- I Love You Man

- Inglorious Bastards

- Wall-E

Favorite Movies of all time