Photographing Thanasi and Lauren’s engagement session was a total blast! We had such a great time walking around the park and getting to know each other better. I’m so thrilled to be photographing there wedding this Summer!

Despite the snow on the ground it was so warm and beautiful in Genesee with a perfect golden hour. These two were so cuddly and comfortable and I absolutely loved photographing them! This Genesee engagement session was such a fun way to spend my afternoon. My favorites are the closeup images of these two and how much giggling took place!

Genesee Engagement Session

What excites you the most about your wedding day? 

We are so thrilled to have all of our friends and families together in one place. We are so fortunate to have wonderful friends and family to celebrate our big day with! There are a lot of different and exciting Greek traditions that will be fun to incorporate into the day and we are happy to have our two families share in that. And we’re excited to dance!

Colorado Mountain Engagement Session

How did you two meet? 

We met through mutual friends that are also engaged to be married! We first met at a restaurant in Denver, and we occasionally ran into each other for the next couple of months. We didn’t see the sparks fly until we met again at a friend’s birthday party at the Cowboy Lounge in downtown Denver. I was attracted to Thanasi’s mysterious appeal and he says I was easy to talk to.  Our wedding day will mark the five year anniversary of our first date!

What do you love most about the other? 

 Lauren: I love Thanasi’s goofy sense of humor and I love being with him every day. He is a loving, sweet, and caring person and words can’t describe how happy he makes me. He has a passion for learning and trying new things and I love to spend time traveling and exploring with him. I have fun with him every day and I think he’s pretty cute. We have continued to grow together over the last several years and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us as a couple!

Thanasi: Lauren is my best friend. We hang out an pretty much do everything together while having a great, laughter filled time. We’ve been fortunate enough do a lot of traveling and we’ve had lots of fun doing it. I love that she such a kind and gentle person and isn’t afraid to let her geeky side show. I can’t wait to see what this next step our lives brings!

Why did you pick your current venue and what went into that? 

Thanasi and I both grew up in the Denver area and we are so excited to be getting married in our hometown. The ceremony will take place at the Greek Orthodox Church and we looked at many reception sites that were close in location. We picked the Studios at Overland Crossing for it’s industrial look and the endless decoration possibilities. We love that we will have two spaces for a cocktail hour and reception and that guests will have the option of being outside. We looked at a lot of venues and the Studios seem to be the most flexible and accommodating!

What advice would you give to couples planning their big day? 

Don’t take on too many things at once! When we first got engaged I got too excited and contacted every vendor under the sun and then was immediately overwhelmed. Since then we are taking one thing at a time and are having more fun with it!

What was your favorite part about the engagement session? 

We giggled the entire time  We loved the location and Kimberly was wonderful to work with and definitely made us feel comfortable. And seeing the end product is amazing!

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