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I want to hear from you.
What refuels your joy?

Every time I pick up my camera, I’m struck with the incredible ability this one machine has to show you just how amazing you are. I am just flooded with gratitude that people—strangers!—invite me into these intimate moments and allow me to witness and document it for them. 

Photos have the power to transform...

But it’s more than serving others. Being a photographer is truly my calling. It’s something I do to fully be ME. 

When I’m having a bad day, I’ll be transformed through a photo shoot. It invigorates my soul to connect with other humans and document their lives. Telling your story helps me recognize all the good in this world and refuel my joy.

A mood, a moment, a memory.

One look at Kimberly’s photos and you can clearly see the level of artistry and excellence she is able to express in her work. She perfectly blends the beauty and the rawness of the people and the places she photographs. She is truly a master at what she does!

—Caitlin & Graham

Alison & Riley's Wedding

Chris & Megan's Wedding

David & Erin's Wedding

I want you to feel the way I did on my wedding day. I want you to smile so much your cheeks hurt. And I’ll do everything I can as your photographer and advocate to make that happen.

I’ve shot weddings for more than ten years and have worked with over 200 couples. Each day I am grateful to do this thing I love. 

The only wedding I love more than yours is my own 

When I connect with my clients, I feel at home.

I want you to feel that too.

→ Amsterdam by Gregory Alan Isakov
→ Girl from the North Country by Johnny Cash
→ This Must Be The Place by Talking Heads
→ Too Much Is Never Enough by Florence + The Machine 
→ Everything in Its Right Place by Radiohead

I’m a playlist maker extraordinaire. I’ll make one just for you too.

→ Ryan (husband and beloved partner of 12 years and counting)
→ Elliott (cat and also absolute floofball)
→ Atlas (cat, mischief maker, & cuddle queen extraordinaire)
→ Shiloh (loyal pup and adventure companion)
→ Spending quality time with my closest humans 

An incomplete list of my very favorites.

→ I Love You, Man
→ Soul (Pixar) 
→ Interstellar 
→ Little Women (2019)
→ The Royal Tenenbaums
→ Django Unchained 
→ The Five-Year Engagement

The movies I can watch on repeat. What’s your favorite?

→ So. many. podcasts. Here’s a link to some of my favorites!
→ Secluded getaways in nature 
→ Splurging on a wildly good meal
→ A new trip on the horizon
→ Healing centric person
→ Bodywork & massage 
→ Hiking, but on, like, a normal human level

I cannot live without…

..… and other truths about me

Finger gun shooter • Loud smiler • Absolute pro dress-fluffer

Reach Out Reach Out Reach Out


Okay, okay. Your turn. Let’s get to know each other and create something fantastic together.