I loved every minute of Jon & Alyssa’s engagement session! These two go together perfectly and they both had such a fun time goofing around with each other throughout the whole thing. I simply can’t wait to photograph their wedding next September! Denver Wedding Photographer How did you two meet?

Alyssa: Jon and I met at Bar Louie, I was a server and he was a bartender. We worked together for about a year before we ever hung out, and then…I saw him shake a martini haha. We went on one date then we have, literally, been together every single day since then.

Jon: We worked together at Bar Louie. I was never brave enough to go up and talked to her until one of our co-workers told me she was interested. I always thought she was way out of my league and would never go for a guy like me

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What do you love most about the other?
Alyssa: The incredible amount of love I feel from this human being is overwhelming, and his unconditional love for me is something I never thought I would be lucky enough to feel before. I love his drive, and his absolute love and support for his friends and family, even more, how quickly he showed the same love towards the people in my life. He just amazes me every single day.
Jon: Her smile, lights up a room and when I see her I forget everything around me and all I can focus on is her.

Why did you pick your wedding location and what went into that? 
We are still deciding on the definite wedding location. We just really want to embrace Colorado’s fall colors, and have a very intimate wedding ceremony. That’s all we have so far. It doesn’t help that Jon just keeps telling me “I don’t care where we get married, I just can’t wait to marry you…” not a lot of help, but after hearing that, why stress? 🙂

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What excites you most about the wedding day? 
Alyssa: To be Mrs. Jonathan April:)
Jon: Seeing my beautiful bride to be in her dress, knowing she is mine for the rest of our lives.

What advice would you give to couples planning your big day?

Alyssa: Don’t stress the little things! You are about to marry your best friend!

Jon: Take your time, don’t pick the first place you like, there are so many amazing places to have your big day.
What was your favorite part about the engagement session?

Alyssa: We are very ‘lovey dovey’ privately but not so much publicly, so being able to just be ourselves in front of Kim and have her photograph it was beautiful.

Jon: Having someone there to capture all of our goofy moments

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