Golden Gate Canyon Engagement Session

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016

Andy and Christina are some of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. These two are so in love with one another and I’m incredibly excited to photograph their winter wedding at Hudson Gardens in January! They had the brilliant idea of using Golden Gate Canyon State Park for their engagement session which was perfect since the fall colors were peaking when we did this session. I’m missing these fall leaves already but am thankful I have photos to remind me of how beautiful it was! Golden Gate Canyon Engagement Session

How did you two meet?
Andy: We met at work when a mutual friend took us to lunch. I thought she was cute, talkative, and had great taste in music.
Christina: Andy was the cute intern whose desk was close to mine. After we met through a friend, I would always purposely walk by his desk to smile or make conversation with him. I also acted WAY more interested in his project than I actually was just so that I could talk to him more. It felt like it was FOREVER until he asked me out, but the timing was absolutely perfect.

You just can’t beat these colors in this Golden Gate Canyon engagement session <3 Golden Gate Canyon State Park Engagement Session

What do you love the most about the other?
Andy: Definitely her laugh and all-around goofiness mixed with her love and loyalty. The combination makes me feel safe and confident in myself and in our relationship. I know that we are both committed to work through whatever comes up in our future.
Christina: I love Andy’s fierce loyalty. He works so hard in our relationship and I am 100% confident that our marriage will be full of grace and love during the challenges that we will inevitably face.

Colorado Fall Engagement SessionRing in the fall leaves

Why did you pick your current wedding location and what went into that?
When we first got engaged, we thought about having our wedding in Salida, CO in the spring since that is a special place for us and the mountains are GORGEOUS. However, we decided that we couldn’t wait until May to get married and picked January for our wedding. The Inn at Hudson Gardens is close to Denver and still captures that cozy, mountain-y feeling that fits our personalities so well. We both loved the place instantly.

What excites you the most about your wedding day?
Andy: I am excited to make a verbal commitment to Christina in front of all of the people who are important to me. I’m not super excited about the dancing, though.
Christina: DANCING! I can’t wait to party with all of the people who have supported us and helped shaped us into who we are today.

What advice would you give to couples planning their big day?
Andy: Don’t let the stress and uncertainties that come with planning overshadow what your wedding is really about.
Christina: It has been such a blessing to plan this thing with Andy. He is so incredibly helpful and always is willing to take on more. I would tell the ladies to assign tasks to your man. He CAN do it and he can do it well if you let him. It has really made it feel like OUR wedding and not just MY wedding. I want our wedding to be a celebration of both of our lives coming together and I think having Andy take the lead on certain aspects has helped to keep that mindset (he picked the photographer, and obviously made an AMAZING decision with that).

What was your favorite part about the engagement session?
Andy: We were so relaxed, thanks to Kim! I just was happy that Christina felt pretty.
Christina: It was just so much fun running around in the woods and cuddling. That’s basically what Andy and I do all the time anyway (more running around than cuddling, usually. It was great to have Kim capturing us in our natural environment. And the turning aspens couldn’t have been a more beautiful backdrop.

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