Loveland Pass Engagement

Friday, August 11th, 2017

This Loveland Pass engagement sessions is one of my favorites to date. Despite the fact that it was freezing on top Megan wore a light weight pretty black dress. She was such a champ! Chris works with my fiancé Ryan and Megan is a business owner who specializes in creating gorgeous leather goods. Go check her website out Stitch & Shutter. We’ve spent time off-roading with these two which is why I’m so excited to photograph their gorgeous wedding at Devil’s Thumb Ranch in September. It’s going to be pure magic! But for now check out this sweet engagement session. 

How did you two meet? We met in college eight years ago in a three hour Monday night “Cinema Appreciation” class. We sat next to each other on the first day and in every class from then on (side note: you chose your own seats).

What do you love most about the other? Megan: My favorite thing about Chris has always been how genuine he is. He has no hidden motives and we’ve been 100% ourselves with one another from day one. He also shares my general goofiness and absurd sense of humor.

Chris: Her passion, drive, and dedication. Everything she does, she gives her all. She puts her whole heart in it.

Why did you pick your current wedding location and what went into that? We knew we were looking for a venue that completely celebrated the outdoors and the amazing views found in Colorado. We also wanted one venue for both the ceremony and reception and for our guests to be able to all stay together. That’s why we ended up choosing Devil’s Thumb Ranch for our wedding day. We looked at TONS of venues before we took a tour at DTR and none of them were quite right. Once we hopped out of the car at Devil’s Thumb, we knew we’d be getting married there.

What excites you the most about your wedding day? Megan: I’ve pictured walking down the aisle toward this guy for a long time. I’m definitely most excited about finally being able to do that.

Chris: I am excited to be able to call her my wife and to commit to her in front of everyone.

Continental Divide Engagement SessionLoveland Pass Engagement

What advice would you give to couples planning their big day? Megan: Spread out the planning process so you don’t get overwhelmed. We didn’t start ANY planning for a few months after getting engaged, we really just wanted to have that time to enjoy together without beginning the process of wedding planning. Also, make it reflect you but recognize that while the small details can matter (especially to someone as visual as myself), you’ll ultimately be married to the person you love at the end of the day. I think no matter what happens or seems to go “wrong” the day of, we’ll have an amazing wedding and only remember that.

Chris: Don’t do what you think is expected of you. This is your day and your wedding. Make it about what you want.

What was your favorite part about the engagement session? We both loved how comfortable we were with Kimberly. Even though we were doing a photo session, it was completely natural and we could just be ourselves as we would be if we were alone together.

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