I met Dani a few years back when she was a bridesmaid for one of my past brides. As soon as she got engaged she messaged me immediately knowing the she wanted to hire me for her big day. I can’t even begin to explain how much it means when people follow and support my work for years and then hire me to photograph their wedding day. I’m so thankful!

Dani & Kyle are a perfect match for each other and know how to relax, enjoy themselves, and have fun together. You can just tell they love spending time with each other whenever you’re around them. For their engagement session we started in the Pearl Street area over by DU walked the alley’s and enjoy some delicious Sweet Cow ice cream. Can you get any more adorable than that?! I think not! Then we headed to Wash Park where the fall colors were in full effect and the lighting was pure magic. Dani’s friend owns an adorable company called Baubles and Balloons and was sweet enough to let us use her balloons as props for the shoot.

I simply cannot wait to photograph their wedding next Summer at Planet Bluegrass I know it’s going to be one to remember!

Washington Park Engagement Session

How did you two meet? – After crossing paths a few times we “officially met” at a mutual friend’s wedding in Montana. We danced all night long and eventually it got brought up that we lived only five minutes from each other. We found out that we both love to play volleyball at Wash Park, Kyle invited me to come play with him and a group of his friends and the rest is history!

Pearl Street Engagement Session

What do you love most about the other? 
Dani – what I love most about Kyle is his big heart. He cares about everyone around him and will go out of his way to help anyone that needs it. It also doesn’t hurt that he is the biggest goofball on the planet. He embraces who is is and stays true to that. I love that. 
Kyle – I love Dani’s ability to see the best in everyone, she is incredibly giving and cares deeply for others. She also has a big heart – the biggest of hearts! Like there is big and then there is double big, and that is Dani. 

Sweet Cow Ice Cream

Why did you pick your current wedding location and what went into that? We had looked at a few different locations for our wedding venue but when we stumbled across Planet Bluegrass we absolutely fell in love with it. We really wanted a natural feel to our venue, somewhere where our family and friends could feel relaxed, play backyard games and dance the night away. It was a moment where we were all alone in the Pavilion and we started to slow dance, picturing our big day there – at that moment it just felt right. 

What excites you the most about your wedding day? 
Dani – I cannot wait to see Kyle’s face waiting for me at the end of that aisle. Even on my lowest days his gentle smile gets to me and on that day when I see that smile waiting for me I’m going to be able to breathe easy knowing that I get to spend the rest of my life with him. 
Kyle – I love to dance. I am a big dancer so I have to say that I am most excited for our first dance because it means that Dani will be the last dance partner I will ever have. 

What advice would you give to couples planning their big day? Communicate. Stay calm. Everything will work out. Just know that everyone around you is trying to help so stay patient and enjoy it. This is the one time that you get to plan your wedding so make sure you have fun doing it. What was your favorite part about the engagement session? We loved being able to be playful. Being in front of a camera in very intimate settings can be intimidating but we both felt really comfortable and just happy to be there. Also we got to incorporate our favorite thing… Ice Cream. Wash park engagement session

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