I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to photograph Bruce & Becky’s wedding at Lone Hawk Farm this May! It is at one of my all time favorite venues with an amazing planner (Root + Gather Events) and these two are so wonderful to spend time with! I know the day is going to be filled with amazing moments, big smiles, and lots of kisses between Bruce & Becky. It was so warm for this sweet engagement session. Please enjoy this Mount Falcon Fall Engagement.

How did you two meet?
Bruce: In grad school. I think she finally noticed me when I read her a poem I wrote about a whale.

Mount Falcon Fall Engagement

What do you love most about the other?

Bruce: How she pushes me to be a more generous and empathetic person.

Becky: He’s playful and affectionate, and very clever. He helps me keep things in perspective when I’m taking life too seriously.

Why did you pick your current wedding location and what went into that?
Bruce: Our wedding planner suggested it. We went there and were just struck by the ambiance. It had beautiful rustic looks, animals, and lovely owners. It think it felt like it was “us”.

Becky: I wanted something outdoor that took advantage of all the scenery here in CO…and I also didn’t want to blow our budget just on the venue. We had seen a couple of other places–a restaurant, a garden–we were kind of all over the board. When we got to Lone Hawk it really just clicked. I had the owner pencil in our date immediately! It was nice to find such an amazing place tucked away in our own town. We ride our road bikes past it all the time.

What excites you the most about your wedding day? 

Bruce: The food. And marrying my worst enemy.

Becky: It’ll be great to have a lot of family and friends under one roof. We’re all scattered across the country (and world) and it’ll be great to share this big step we’re taking with all of them.

What advice would you give to couples planning their big day?
Bruce: Get a planner.
Becky: Figure out, like, 3 things most important to each of you, compare lists, and then don’t be afraid to cut stuff that’s not on that list. Approach the event as a team. Accept help if people offer it! And if you can, enjoy just being engaged before getting too bogged down in wedding details.

What was your favorite part about the engagement session?
Bruce: Kissing my lady while being photographed.
Becky: I usually kind of hate having my picture taken, but it was so much fun! Kim is so great at putting you at ease, and she knows how to take fantastic photos. It was fun just traipsing around and cuddling in the mountains in fall.




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