Don’t you just love it when you meet strangers and immediately connect with them like they are lifelong friends? That’s how it felt when I met Lara & Jesus. My friend Kristy referred this lovely couple to me for engagement photos since they are getting married in California and had just moved here at the time. We started at their adorable home in Downtown Denver and then ventured to one of my favorite places in Denver, RINO. It’s so colorful and I really enjoy photographing people in front of all of the different walls, murals, and random quirky doorways. Enjoy this incredibly fun RINO Colorful Engagement Session! It’s near and dear to my heart.


What do you love most about the other? 
I love that Adrian is so personable, kind, patient and sweet. 90% of the time in conflict situations he responds to me and treats me in a way that softens me up, helps me heal, and helps us get to a better place. I feel like we argue well. We are similar in your social needs, as far as having an extroverted side and then our introverted needs. I really appreciate that we can enjoy parties together and balance it with down-time.
He’s not here right now, and I’m not sure what he would say exactly. We share a lot of values. He may say that he loves how adventurous I am. He likes to call me “freaky-deaky”.

Why did you pick your current wedding location and what went into that? 
This has been our hardest decision throughout the process so far. We picked California because both of our families live there and most of our friends are there. We ended up picking the Hotel Maya in Long Beach. Adrian had just moved to Long Beach a week after we started dating. The hotel is my sisters name and has lots of bright bold colors, which drew me to it. It’s on the water and is the right combination of classy, comfortable and unique. Ultimately, the event spaces were large enough to accommodate our growing guest list and it provides us with the space to do everything in one location.

What excites you the most about your wedding day? 
Going through a rite of passage with Adrian, one that we have uniquely coordinated. To celebrate love and life with all the meaningful people who have helped shaped our experiences together and apart. And I can’t wait to hit the dance floor!

RINO Colorful Engagement Session

What advice would you give to couples planning their big day? 
Do some basic research on the order of operations before announcing your engagement/wedding plans to the whole world so that you have a general idea on what lies ahead. For example: we only have 6ish months to plan our wedding so I sent out a quick save the date to a very generous list of people. We did not limit our parents guest list. Needless to say, we are now juggling a party that exceeds 250 people. Ask your friends who have gotten married for their take-aways (just remember, take what is relevant to you and then discard the rest).
Maybe more importantly: focus on the FUN. Get clear on what would make the day fun for you and stick with that.

What was your favorite part about the engagement session?
Kimberly makes the session easy and fun. It was nice and cute to do something like that with Adrian. It felt creative and exciting! I couldn’t wait to see the photos. Kimberly is really great to work with and that is why I continue to give her business and recommend her! I also liked walking around RiNO and discovering all the cool murals.



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