These Downtown Denver Engagement Photos were a session I dreamed up in my head. Kris, Jimmy, and I had fun walking around Denver to get these casual but gorgeous engagement photos. I personally lean towards casual engagement sessions. The wedding day is your ultimate dressed up self and its nice to have photos of you and your partner just as you are. What do you actually wear when you go out on a Saturday to run errands? Not a maxi dress that blows in the wind I’ll tell ya that much.

I’m all about including who you and your partner are into the session and having it reflect you and your beautifully unique relationship. These two were immediately comfortable together in front of the camera. They were such a joy to photograph! Kris and Jimmy make eating pizza look adorable.

For the session we started at Atomic Pizza and enjoyed a way too big slice of pizza. Then we headed to Twist & Shout and iconic record store in Denver that is such a great place to go and spend hours! Lastly we went to 1Up a wonderful arcade. It was such a fun shoot and I’m so excited to finally share this blog post.

How can you not do an image in the photobooth?!

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