On a warm June evening in downtown Denver I spent 3 hours documenting this amazing family of four in the home they built together. These Documentary Family Sessions are all about Encompassing the goodness of everyday life. Reveling in the mundane and spending time in what feels natural to you and your family.

A little more from the photographers perspective

Oh goodness gracious I’m so happy I was introduced to Katie in the Summer of 2013 through my high school friends. She has been such a bright light in my life from the day I met her. Katie is sunshine! She is one of the kindest most heartfelt people I’ve ever been honored to call a friend. Not to brag but I surround myself with some pretty rad people. 

I’ve photographed Katie and her family at least 6 times and it’s always the most amazing experience. Witnessing and being a part of her birth was a life altering moment for me and I can never express enough gratitude for the compassion she’s shown me throughout my life. Part of why I’ve become so passionate about family documentary photography is this session right here. It shows me how special these moments are and how these everyday stories really deserve to be told. 

These sessions are meaningful to me because I want to get past the uncomfortable, let the kids dress themselves, and say yes to showing up however your kids are showing up that day. The more that we can be playful and lighthearted the better the atmosphere. Plus there is something to be said about doing a session in your home, neighborhood, the places you find yourself most often. 

Home, where comfort and truth live. 

Home where everyday is made up of small moments. 

I remember this perfect evening so vividly. It was a warm evening around 6pm on June 16th, 2020. Katie & Derek pulled out all the hosting stops. I always feel so taken care of in their environment. The kids played on the driveway while Derek grilled and prepared delicious food. We wrapped up the evening walking around their neighborhood and playing in the water. We took these photos right before they were about to move out of their first home. The one they built together to reflect them so beautifully. I’m so glad I was able to document some of what made this their home and in doing so made the space remarkable. 

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