Do I have a treat for you all today with these sweet images! I had the privilege of photographing Andi in the winter of 2022. This session has so much heart and personality because Andi is a vibrant woman. She is a cookie artist who has been seen on the Food Network. How cool is that?! Our paths crossed at UNC in 2009 since we both lived in the Theater Arts building. Andi is also a talented actress and just all-around kind, welcoming person.

We spent 2 hours together and I photographed Andi making a batch of cookies and flooding them with icing. There’s something so unique about documenting people while creating in their craft. I’m extremely passionate about having images that represent individuals and whatever their passion is. I believe in customizing sessions so they are specific and unique to you!

Andi teaches classes on how to create your own cookie art here’s her website if that interests you: Kirkie Kookies

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