With Pinterest and Instagram filled to the brim with inspiration, when it comes to customizing your wedding day, it can be hard to know where to start.  After being a part of SO many amazing and cool wedding days though, I’ve put together a list of my top ways to make your wedding day feel like you!

8 Ways to Make Your Wedding Feel Like You

A bride, groom and 3 members of their wedding party stand side by side holding skis above their heads with drinks on the skis. The groom is smiling at the camera while the others laugh

1. Make Playlists for Specific Parts of the Day 

This is such a fun way to make your wedding day feel more like you. Incorporating your favorite music throughout your wedding day gives you a soundtrack to your day made just for you. Create different playlists for different parts of your day like cocktail hour, pre ceremony, dinner, and when you’re getting ready. Put together your favorite songs to both amplify the mood you’re going for and give your day a feeling totally unique to you.

2. Concentrating on Details That Reflect You and Your Partner 

There are a ton of different details that go into a wedding day, decorations, food, and wedding favors just to name a few! In order to make your wedding day feel more like you focus on the details that you can fully control and center around you and your partner. Things like custom cocktails and your favorite foods give the reception a personal flavor to you. Photo displays that are focused around your relationship and your favorite moments with family and friends. Small details like personalized ring boxes or wearing a necklace from a family member. These are just a couple details that you have full control over, but there’s so many more you can tailor to you and your wedding day. 

A glass sign with featured cocktails written on it held up by 2 gold hands that are bookends. The sign is on a wooden bench with colorful flowers behind it

3. Choose a Venue That Fits Your Personality 

Your venue is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make when it comes to your wedding. When you choose your wedding venue try to find something that fits you and your partner’s personalities. This will really give your wedding day a feeling totally unique to your relationship. If you’re the adventurous type maybe look into a destination wedding. For a smaller wedding your venue could be your favorite restaurant or brewery. Finding a venue that falls in line with the things you and your partner love doing together will add so much to your wedding day experience.

4. Write Letters To Each Other 

This is one of the easiest ways to give your wedding day a personal touch and make it feel more like you. Have both you and your partner write a note to one another to read either before or immediately after your first look. This immediately grounds the two of you in your wedding day and adds an emotional touch to the start of your wedding day. They’re also great mementos to hold onto and look back on years after your wedding!

A bride and groom stand facing one another holding hands while wearing their wedding attire with mountains and a lake behind them.

5. Create Time for Those You Care About Most

Your wedding is a celebration between you and the love of your life and the ones closest to you in your lives. By making time for those most important it makes your wedding day feel that much more special and helps center your day around those you love most. These moments can be your first look, sharing coffee with a parent or sibling before getting ready, or sneaking away with your partner for a dance of just the two of you. Also be sure to have your photographer with you for moments like these so that you capture them and are able to look back on them!

6. Don’t Follow Traditions That Aren’t You

Just so you know you don’t have to do anything you don’t want on your wedding day. It is the one day we get as adults dedicated to us. At the end of the day it goes by so fast and it should be intentional. Not having a wedding party if it feels like too much is okay. Not doing a giant list of family group photos if it’s not a priority to you is okay. You can make your day look and feel however you want, and you should do just that. Celebrate your wedding with the people and moments you want and it’ll feel perfect to you!

A bride and groom stand facing one another holding hands as they are married in a courtroom.
A newlywed couple in their wedding attire sit at a table in a retro restaurant, they're seated next to each other and kiss

7. Incorporate Things You Love

Throughout your wedding day try to find ways to include some of the things in your lives that you love. If you both love going to concerts, look into hiring a live band instead of a DJ for your reception. If you have a dog together, find a way to include them in your ceremony, or get pictures with them during your reception. Schedule some time between your ceremony and reception to head to your favorite spots in downtown Denver for some photos in your wedding gear. 

8. Bring Your Wedding Home With You 

After your wedding celebrations are over take your wedding day home with you! Repurposing items from your wedding day will help you to keep the wedding day with you as you live and grow together.  Use a service like After The Tone to have your guests record messages for you to keep on vinyl, take your neon signs and hang them above your bar at home, or preserve flowers from your wedding and put them in a display case. Incorporating the little things that make up your wedding day into your everyday life will help you cherish the memories you made that night and keep your love at the forefront of your mind as you venture into your lives together.

A newlywed couple walk hand in hand away from the camera in a parking lot wearing their wedding attire.

There are so many fun and creative ways to make your wedding day feel like you. Everyone is different and every love is unique so incorporating some or all of these ideas into your wedding day will lead you to a wedding that is 100% you. For more wedding day tips head over to my blog here!

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