I may be a bit biased, but Colorado may just be the best place for an engagement session. Between its breathtaking natural beauty, its lively cities, and charming smaller towns, there’s something for everyone in this state. When couples talk about having their engagement session in Colorado, one of the first things we discuss is what season to have their engagement session. Colorado is known for some of the most breathtaking winters, so if the idea of a winter engagement session is on the table, I always highly suggest going for it. Colorado winters are some of the most beautiful around and this article is here to show you why you should consider one for your engagement session.

The Importance of an Engagement Session

Before we can get into why you should consider a Colorado winter for your engagement session we first need to go over exactly why an engagement session is so important. For every couple, their engagement is a huge step in their relationship. It’s the moment when you decide together that this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, and no matter how long you’ve been together that is a big deal! Being able to capture who you are in this moment and what your lives look like as they are now is so important and something you’ll love looking back on together as your relationship grows and evolves with time.

Why an Engagement Session During a Colorado Winter

As I mentioned before Colorado is second to none when it comes to beauty, both natural and man-made. Combining that beauty with the wonder of a fresh snowfall and the magical feelings that come with winter and it’s easy to see why an engagement session during a Colorado winter is a great idea. Picture yourself walking around gorgeous downtown Denver as the snow is falling during your engagement session. You and your partner just had a fresh cup of hot cocoa and are wearing your cutest winter gear. We then take our time walking through the beauty that is downtown Denver, taking it all in as you too put your love on full display for the camera and we capture moments that you’ll forever be able to look back on with love. That’s the beauty of a winter engagement session and why every couple should consider one.

Plan Your Session

As great as a winter engagement session in Colorado sounds on paper, there is a fair bit of planning that has to go into it to make everything work and go according to plan. Time, location, weather, and clothing are just a few of the things to consider as you plan.

Time and Location

When it comes to the time of day for your session you will want to plan to have your session either in the morning or evening closer to sunset to avoid the harsh lighting that comes from the sun during the day. our or two before sunset or just as the sun is rising are the optimal times for scheduling an engagement session.

As for where to have your session that is up to you and what look you’re looking for in your photos as well as in your experience. While most couples will think that a winter engagement session in Colorado will mean a session in one of the state’s beautiful forests, the cities of Colorado have a lot to offer as well and should be seriously considered!

Be Flexible if You Want Fresh Snow

When planning your winter engagement session one thing you’ll have to keep in mind is that if you want fresh snow for your session you’ll have to be somewhat flexible when it comes to scheduling your session. Winter weather is incredibly unpredictable and while a forecast may call for snow it may not happen or may end up missing our location completely. If you really want to have a true fresh snowfall for your winter engagement session in Colorado, which I highly recommend, be aware that you’ll need to be a bit flexible when it comes to scheduling. We will work together to choose a tentative date in the winter months and keep an eye on the weather as your session date gets closer.

Pay Close Attention to the Weather

It’s important to note that as you prep for your session if you want the majority of it to be outdoors, you will want to prepare for the temperatures that come with your session. Most of my engagement sessions range from 1-2 hours so you will want to make sure you’re prepared so that you and your partner can both look good and feel good during your session. Keep your fingers and toes warm, wear lots of layers and if we are planning to drive to a remote location, be sure your transportation is ready for snowy weather. The week prior to your engagement session we will be in contact fairly regularly so that we can keep an eye on the snow and be sure that conditions are safe for us to have our session no matter where we plan to have it.

Wear Warm Clothing You Feel Cute in

Speaking of colder weather, one of the most important things to plan and prepare for your session is your outfit. You’re going to want to wear your warm clothes to brave the cold temperatures and potential snowfall during your session. Wear your cutest and warmest winter wear, and if your winter coats aren’t exactly the look you’re going for in your session you can take them off when we take photos and quickly put them back on as we move locations or take a break. Your comfort and safety is my top priority, so if you do plan to go the route of taking your coat off for your session, take as many coat breaks as you need!

Comfortable Shoes

In addition to warmer clothing, prioritizing your footwear is a must for a winter engagement session in Colorado. This is especially true if our session is happening during a fresh snowfall. The last thing you want is wet socks and feet during our session as your comfort and enjoyment will take a nosedive the second your feet get cold. Wearing shoes that protect your feet will make it easier for you and your fiancé to be present during your session and allow you to move freely if there is snow on the ground.


Going along the lines of comfortable footwear, keeping your extremities like your hands, feet, and ears warm is huge when it comes to your comfort. These parts of your body are the first to get coldest and often lead to the most discomfort in the winter. I recommend warm socks and gloves as the bare minimum. Hand warmers are also a game changer, rechargeable ones like these are great. As for your ears, wearing earmuffs is highly recommended over a hat so as not to mess up your hair during your session.

Get Creative

Lastly, don’t be afraid to get creative and build your winter engagement session around you and your experience in Colorado. Mountain-top sessions are great for a lot of couples, but the coffee shops and small towns have just as much charm and beauty. Coffee shops, breweries, and city vibes are also great options for your session. Lean into what you love to do together and why you love Colorado when choosing your location. A nice walk in downtown Denver with your favorite coffee, popping champagne on a remote lake that you grew up skiing near. There is so much to love about a Colorado winter and so many options for a winter engagement session.

As you can see there’s so much to love about an engagement session during a Colorado winter. Though there can be a bit of planning that goes into a winter Colorado engagement session, it is so worth it. If you’re looking to book your own winter engagement session and still need a photographer, head to my contact page to send over an inquiry and we can start planning your day.

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