A bride and groom stand facing one another in their wedding attire in a garden in Colorado with string lights on either side of them.

You’re looking for intimate wedding venues, which means you’ve decided to do your own thing and celebrate your wedding day exactly the way you want it. Believe me when I say Colorado is home to some of the best intimate wedding venues in the country. Whether you’re looking for something fully immersed in nature or smaller intimate venues throughout the state, Colorado has it all.

I have a passion for intimate weddings, and in my experience, as a wedding photographer in Colorado, I have had the opportunity to photograph my couples at some of the best intimate wedding venues in this beautiful state.  When looking at the experience that the venue provides, and the gorgeous views of our beautiful state, these were easily my top eight intimate wedding Venues in Colorado.

What to Look For When Choosing an Intimate Wedding Venue

Before we get into my top 8 venues for an intimate wedding in Colorado there’s a few things we have to cover first. These three things are important to keep in mind when deciding on your venue. Even if you don’t end up going with one of the 8 venues listed this will help you to make the right decision when you do end up choosing your venue.

1. That you are the only wedding happening at the venue on your wedding day

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but trust me it is SO much better to be safe than sorry. Before booking your venue, ask if there is only one wedding on the premises each day. Venues with multiple ceremony sites and getting-ready sites will sometimes have more than one wedding going on at once. When deciding on your venue, ask what their wedding day policy is before booking, and avoid situations like this if you don’t want to feel like you’re under a time crunch on your wedding day or that your wedding isn’t quite as intimate as you had planned. If they do have more than one wedding going on at once, ask to see both wedding spaces to ensure that there is plenty of space between the two sites so you know for sure your intimate day will feel intimate.

2. A reception space that fits the number of guests you have

Before you book your intimate venue in Colorado you should have a rough count for exactly how many guests will be attending your wedding. This is crucial as you’ll get an idea of exactly the venues that will work for the number of guests you have, and if you need to make any adjustments to your guest list. If you find a location that is absolutely perfect and everything you envision with too small of a guest limit for you then you’ll have to make sacrifices. Whether that’s going with a different venue or inviting fewer guests is up to you, but you need to be aware of the venue’s limit either way before you book the venue.

3. What does the venue include?

This goes hand in hand with what you envision for your wedding day. Does the venue provide food that you have to go with or can you cater your own? What’s the bar/drink situation look like? Is there lodging on-site for all of your guests, for you and your wedding party, or none at all? Tour the venues that you’re interested in if you are able to and really get a feel for what the wedding day experience is like there. Do not be afraid to ask lots of questions either. This is your wedding day, one of the most important days of your life. Make sure that your venue is able to provide or accommodate everything you envision for your day.

My Top 8 Intimate Wedding Venues in Colorado

Now that we have what to look for in your venue, it’s time to get into my favorite venues for an intimate wedding in Colorado. As I mentioned earlier Colorado is full of amazing wedding venues. Even if this list doesn’t have a venue that fits exactly what you envision, looking through will help you to better understand what it is exactly that you’re looking for in a venue.

Lyons Farmette 

A bride and groom in wedding attire stand next to one another and pet an alpaca together. Both are smiling and the bride holds her bouquet away from the alpaca to stop it from eating them.

This intimate wedding venue in Lyons Colorado is a working organic farm and education center. Getting married at The Farmette you will be surrounded by their boutique flower farm, their vegetable garden, (which they use in the food they serve at weddings and events!), and their wide variety of animals. Lyons Farmette can host up to 125 people but also has a layout that can create a beautiful and intimate feel for smaller gatherings.  Party with your wedding party, explore the property with its incredible decorations, spend time with their goats and chickens, and have the sweetest intimate evening.  Their website calls for Good Food and Good Company and that is exactly what Lyons is able to create for their clients.


A bride and groom share their first dance at their wedding reception as their guests watch in the background.

Owned by the same company as Lyons Farmette, the Riverbend can hold up to 200 people on the property but much like Lyons can be arranged for intimate gatherings.  Party under the starry skies of Colorado at this venue while celebrating your intimate wedding with your closest family and friends.  This outdoor wedding venue has a large dinner tent, two getting-ready spaces, a firepit, and SO much more. Riverbend is surrounded by such incredible scenery as well. With huge trees for shade, the St. Vrain River running along the venue, and massive Redstone cliffs along the river. There is so much to see and experience at Riverbend.

Ya Ya Farm and Orchard 

A man and woman pose next to one another and smile at the camera at Ya Ya Farm and Orchard.
A bride and groom are seated in the side door of a classic VW van with a giant sign atop the van that reads "PHOTOS"

This unique Colorado wedding venue is located on the Frontage Range making for a STUNNING backdrop for your intimate wedding day. Having your ceremony with the view of the mountains in the distance behind you is truly something special. Ya Ya has both an indoor and outdoor reception space and can host up to 150 guests. The indoor space is their barn on their Orchard while the outdoor is out looking over Frontage Range. The barn has an intimate rustic feel to it while the outdoor space is so wide open it will take your breath away.

Planet Bluegrass 

At a wedding reception a bridesmaid is standing and giving a speech as the newlywed couple and the rest of their guests are seated and raise their glasses.

Located in Lyons Colorado, about half a mile north of Riverbend funny enough, Planet Bluegrass is the coolest little intimate wedding venue.  Surrounded by red rock, green grasses, and wildflower gardens Planet Bluegrass has a lot of similarities to Riverbend in terms of its scenery. Planet Bluegrass can host up to 250 guests but is an incredible location for intimate weddings as well. The location offers a bathhouse for guests, two getting-ready spaces, an outdoor ceremony site, and an indoor reception space called the Wildflower Pavilion. 

Lone Hawk Farm 

A bride and groom in their wedding attire walk hand in hand away from the camera in a field of dandelions.

This elegant outdoor event space is such an amazing venue.  Lone Hawk Farm specializes in intimate weddings and elopements while also being a working organic farm.  With the venue able to host up to 125 guests, it is the perfect event space for those that want an outdoor wedding experience surrounded by their closest family and friends. The venue is located in Longmont Colorado and is such a sweet and intimate setting for a wedding. The gorgeous ceremony space has a handmade wooden arch, fencing and a bridge that bring such an ethereal feel to the venue. There’s also a massive field perfect for photography and a beautiful outdoor reception space.

Boulder Flower Farm

A bride and groom stand facing one another holding hands at Boulder Flower Farm. They're in their wedding attire and the bride is laughing as the groom smiles

Boulder Flower Farm is a boutique intimate wedding venue and flower farm located in Boulder Colorado. This beautiful and intimate venue can host events as small as 25 guests all the way up to 99 guests.  Weather permitting, BFF sets up their dancefloor under the stars with twinkle lights hanging above and a fire pit to wind down at for the end of your wedding day. BFF calls themselves a blank slate wedding venue on their site, so if you’re looking to make your wedding venue really feel like you, Boulder Flower Farm is the place. The outdoor space is the main attraction of the Flower Farm as it is seriously gorgeous, but the indoor spaces, which can be added to your package, are incredible as well. Perfect for if you want to spend the night or weekend at BFF.

Blackstone River Ranch 

A bride and groom share their first dance together and smile at one another underneath a tent lined with string lights.

This Luxury creek-side mountain wedding venue in Idaho Springs Colorado is perfect for any intimate wedding. This intimate and secluded location feels completely removed from the rest of the world, making your day special to you and one you’ll always remember. Blackstone River Ranch has a beautiful outdoor ceremony space, an elegant tent to host your reception under and so much beauty surrounding to get lost in. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind experience!

The Manor House

A bride, groom and their wedding party in their wedding attire walk towards the camera with their arms locked together. The Manor House in Littleton Colorado is in the background.

This historic mansion in Littleton Colorado is the perfect venue for an intimate wedding. Six acres of gorgeous land all to yourself for your wedding day, and access to the mansion for a cozy evening inside after your celebrations. The Manor House is located in Dry Creek Canyon which has sprawling fields and mountains in the distance making your outdoor ceremony truly jaw-dropping. The Manor House has on-site staff to assist with your wedding day as well as an on-site manager to help you plan and put together your wedding day. The venue prides itself on its professionalism and attention to detail, you can be sure that working with The Manor House will lead you to your dream wedding day running as smoothly as possible.

A bride and groom stand facing one another wearing their wedding attire with rolling fields and mountains behind them.
A groom and his mother stand side by side and smile at the camera as the mother puts her hand on her sons cheek.

Colorado has SO many unique and incredible intimate wedding venues to choose from which is one of the many reasons that I love it so much. Each of these wedding venues offers such a unique experience for each of its intimate weddings, you really can’t go wrong. If you’re looking to plan your own intimate wedding day and you’re not sure where to start, head to my blog to check out some of my most recent intimate weddings!

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