When it comes to choosing a location for your engagement photos, Denver Colorado has so many incredible options to choose from. The city is full of some incredibly unique neighborhoods and locations that are perfect for engagement photos. Whether you’re looking for something more natural and adventurous, something with more of a city feel, or even a mix of both Denver has you covered. With so many great options for engagement photos in the city, I decided to put a list of my 5 favorites together for you.


The River North Art District of Denver Colorado is honestly one of the coolest neighborhoods and locations in Denver for engagement photos.  Throughout RiNO you’ll find endless murals and artwork that is ever changing, micro-breweries, good food, and endless amounts of creatives throughout the streets.  For RiNO engagement sessions, I love exploring the streets throughout the couple block radius with my couples.  With the endless art, unique alleyways and classic urban Denver feel, there is SO much to love about RiNO. Check out Laura and Jesus’s Engagement session in RINO for a little inspiration on what your engagement session can look like!

Confluence Park Area 

The Confluence Park Area in Denver sits just at the edge of lower downtown Denver.  Confluence Park is such an interesting area of the city, where the nature side of Colorado and the urban side sort of meet as one.  With city buildings framing the background, Confluence park is made up of the joining of Cherry Creek and the South Platte River.  The joining of these two water bodies makes for a beautiful space filled with outdoor activities like swimming, fishing, and riverside trails, all while being within walking distance from the more urban landscape of Denver. It makes for such a cool experience for your engagement photos and one of my favorite locations in Denver.

South Broadway Neighborhood

The South Broadway Neighborhood of Denver is a super fun and unique side of the city.  Known for its vintage shopping with nearly 100+ antique shops making up the blocks of South Broadway.  Along with its antique shops, the South Broadway Neighborhood has such a unique urban feel to it.  There is so much to do and see between the wall art, neon signs and endless store fronts which all make for incredible backdrops for your photos. There really is SO much to love about this part of Denver making it easily one of my favorite locations for engagement photos.

Santa Fe Art District

The Santa Fe Art District is such a cool space for engagement photos in Denver and much like RiNO is filled to the brim with art galleries, studios and a beautiful urban landscape.  Tucked right between the Lincoln Park and Baker Neighborhoods, the Santa Fe Arts District is filled with unique alleyways, murals and so many cool spaces for exploring and taking engagement photos. The district has so much charm and character going for it that it’s an easy choice for engagement photos for anyone looking for something more on the artistic side!

Wash Park

 Wash Park in Denver is such an incredible and fun location for engagement photos.  The park boasts two lakes, two gardens, ENDLESS tree-lined paths, and the sweetest neighborhood surrounding it all.  Wash park has so much beauty to the space in all of the seasons, but I must say, I have a soft spot for Wash park in the fall.  Colorado fall leaves are just next level in beauty and Wash park is bursting with so many colors come fall.  If you’re looking for a little bit of nature for your engagement session but want to stay in Denver, Wash Park is the perfect location for you!

Mati and Jordan’s Fall Engagement Session in Wash Park was one of my favorite fall sessions in Denver to date.  Between their cozy Colorado fall outfits and all the leaves changing colors, there is SO much to love about their fall Wash Park engagement session.

Like I said before Denver has so many great locations within it for engagement photos. Seeing this list I’m sure you understand what I mean, and the city still has more to offer in terms of incredible locations. Want to book an engagement session of your own in this incredible city? Head to my contact page here to send over an inquiry so we can start to plan your day!

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