One of the most underrated seasons in Colorado has to be the fall. Ann and Morgan had their Denver engagement session in peak fall and let me tell you, these fall colors were breathtaking. The fall colors were in full effect and both Ann and Morgan’s fall outfit vibes were on point making this session absolutely stunning.

Denver for a Fall Engagement Session

Denver, and honestly most of Colorado, is incredibly beautiful throughout the year, but there’s something special about experiencing it in the fall. Colorado is known for all things outdoors. Gorgeous hikes with mild temperatures in the summer, winter sports galore in the winter, and then the drop-dead gorgeous foliage throughout the fall. The different shades of red, orange, yellow, and green are all so vibrant and breathtaking that it honestly feels like you’re in a movie. We were able to plan Ann and Morgan’s fall engagement session in peak fall, which resulted in the stunning backdrops you see here. If you are planning an engagement session in Denver and you want to experience the fall colors at their fullest mid September to early October is the best time. Keep in mind that peak colors change based on elevation though so this varies throughout Colorado as you can see here!

Ann and Morgan’s Engagement Session

For Ann and Morgan’s engagement session we headed to one of Denver’s many parks to walk around and soak in all of the colors that come with the season. To really take the fall vibes to the next level Ann wore a beautiful orange floral dress while Morgan wore a stylish fall jacket and jeans. We made our way through the park having the best time together and soaking in all the fall colors during their session. We made our way around the lake in the park and captured so many gorgeous photos of the leaves reflecting off the water which only added to the magic of the session. As the session came to an end we found a park bench where Ann and Morgan could snuggle up with each other which was the sweetest way to end this amazing session.

Denver is such a gorgeous city in general, but in the fall it’s really next level and I am so glad we got to experience it during Ann and Morgan’s engagement session! The fall colors really made this session feel like magic and I’m so glad I was able to capture this point in Ann and Morgan’s lives. If you’re looking to plan your engagement session as we head into winter head to my last blog post that goes over everything you need to know about a winter engagement session in Colorado.

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