Living and working as a documentary wedding photographer in Colorado I’ve found that there is absolutely no shortage of incredible wedding venues in the state. I actually wrote an article about my 8 favorite intimate wedding venues in Colorado that you can check out here. While there are numerous venues across the state that are incredible settings for weddings, that doesn’t mean that they’re all equal. Today we’ll be covering one of my absolute favorite wedding venues in Colorado, Lyons Farmette, as well as what makes this venue so incredible!

A couple stands in front of a bunch of beautiful wild flowers during their wedding at Lyons Farmette in Lyons Colorado.

What Makes a Wedding Venue Great?

Before we get into why Lyons Farmette is one of, if not my favorite wedding venues in Colorado, we need to go over what exactly makes a wedding venue great and worth booking. As you might have guessed there are a lot of different factors to take into consideration when thinking about which wedding venue is right for you. Location is huge, both in terms of where the venue actually is and the setting you’ll be in for your day and wedding photos. You’ll also want to consider the amenities that are or aren’t included with your venue and the different packages they offer.

Lastly, you’ll want to consider the experience you’re looking to have for your wedding day. Not just your experience, although that is the most important, but also the experience of your friends and family, and also the experience of your vendors. We’ll go over each of these topics in more detail and how Lyons Farmette excels in them. It’s important to remember though that every couple and wedding is different, so in the end go with what feels right for you.

The Reception tent at Lyons Farmette in Colorado.  You can see a hill covered in trees in the background and guests around the tent.

Location, Location, Location

Ease of Travel

One of the first draws of the Lyons Farmette is just how simple it makes it for you, your friends, and your family to travel to it. The wedding venue is located roughly 40 miles outside the heart of Denver Colorado making it easy to get to for anyone staying or living in the city, or anyone flying into Denver National Airport. The venue is also located just off of the Ute highway which gives it that easy access from Denver as well as other cities and towns in the surrounding area such as Greeley and Fort Collins. While it may not seem like a big deal, trust me making your travel days leading up to your wedding easier on you and your guests is a huge bonus in creating a wedding day experience you and your guests enjoy through and through.

Atmosphere and Feel

Not only is Lyons Farmette located in an incredibly convenient spot in the state of Colorado, but the location itself is also gorgeous beyond compare giving you the perfect setting for your wedding day. The venue is surrounded by that true natural Colorado beauty, and even with its close proximity to the Ute Highway it still feels completely secluded and removed from the outside world. Between the lush greenery spread throughout the venue, the rolling hills and mountains as the backdrop, and the close proximity to the river, Lyons Farmette is the perfect setting for a wedding day where you can fully immerse yourselves in the beauty of Colorado.

A bride gets her makeup touched up in the getting ready space at Lyons Farmette.


One of the largest deciding factors when it comes to choosing your wedding venue is the different amenities the venue offers its couples. Lyons Farmette has some great and unique amenities to make your wedding day easier for you and make it feel like one of a kind. The venue has multiple getting-ready spaces, one of them being an incredible vintage Airstream giving your wedding day and photos a unique feel from the start. An organic vegetable, herb, and flower farm is on location as well which can actually provide the flowers for your wedding day if you’d like.

Lyons Farmette has its venue set up so that you can have your entire wedding day on site. With two getting-ready locations, a ceremony space, and a reception space all in one location.

A bride and groom stand in front of the vintage airstream at Lyons Farmette, it is used as a getting ready space.
A groom gets ready with his groomsmen in a vintage airstream at their Colorado wedding venue.

Getting Ready Spaces

This Colorado wedding venue is set up with a two-bedroom two bathroom guest house along with a vintage airstream perfect for getting ready on your wedding day. You and your wedding party can take your time getting ready on site before heading out onto the farm to take wedding party photos and couples portraits throughout. Having a getting-ready space at your wedding venue creates a relaxed schedule for you and your partner and also creates a relaxed experience for your wedding party!

Two people play bags in front of a tractor during cocktail hour at a wedding located just outside of Denver Colorado
Tables are set for a wedding reception out on a lawn at Lyons Farmette in Colorado.  There are string lights hanging above.

Reception Spaces

The venue also has a fire pit, an indoor barn for your reception area, and furniture for your day to make your day and your guests’ day as pleasant as possible. That’s not all the venue has to offer its couples, and you can find the full list of their amenities here, but the last thing I wanted to mention is the donkeys, goats, chickens, and alpacas on site! Guests and couples LOVE all of the animals, and I always recommend popping by the animals during your newlywed portraits. All of these amenities are what make Lyons Farmette one of my favorite Colorado Wedding Venues.

Wedding Day Experience

A bride and groom stand with a group of alpacas at Lyons Farmette in Colorado.

Your Experience

Your wedding day is an experience, and choosing the right venue for you is a huge part of making sure you have the experience you’ve dreamed of when thinking of your wedding day. Finding a wedding venue that not only fits the bill for how it looks and the amenities it has, but also one that cares about you is something that’s hard to come by. Lyons Farmette has shown time and time again that this is exactly what they’re about and why they’re one of my favorite wedding venues in Colorado. The owners of Lyons Farmette are incredibly kind and accommodating. They honestly care about each of their couples which is so refreshing for a wedding venue. Lyons Farmette not only provides you with a great location and amenities for your wedding day but also makes sure you experience your day exactly how you want to.

A bride dances with her dad during her wedding reception in the tent at Lyons Farmette in Colorado.

Your Guest’s Experience

Your experience on your wedding day should be your number one priority, but that doesn’t mean your guest’s experience has to suffer! Lyons Farmette has a ton going for it in terms of making your guests’ time there a wonderful experience. From the natural shade of the huge trees on site for your guests to get out of the sun to the cozy spaces on site for them to mingle and enjoy themselves your guests are sure to love this Colorado wedding venue just as much as you will.

Your Vendor’s Experience

Last but not least, while your focus should be on you and your guests’ experience, I’m happy to say that Lyons Farmette is a dream to work with as a wedding vendor. There’s a reason I wanted to write an article about this wedding venue, and it’s because it’s one of the best to work at in Colorado. The staff is incredibly helpful and friendly to everyone in attendance for the wedding, including the vendors. It’s really an amazing venue through and through and I cannot get enough of it.

I really could go on and on about all the things I love about Lyons Farmette and why it’s my favorite venue in Colorado. I’m sure by now you have a pretty good understanding though about what makes this venue stand out as the one-of-a-kind location it is. For more of a full look at what a wedding day looks like at this amazing Colorado wedding venue, check out my blog post on Erin and David’s wedding at Lyons Farmette. If you’re looking to book a wedding at Lyons Farmette and still need a photographer I’m here for you! Head to my contact page to send an inquiry.

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