Not long ago I wrote an article going over my top 8 intimate wedding venues in Colorado. There is so much to love about these venues, and they’re all so unique and incredible in their own ways, which is why I’ve started to cover them more in-depth with featured venue blogs like this one. I most recently talked about the Lyons Farmette, and today’s article is going to cover another venue from my top 8 that I am absolutely in love with, Boulder Flower Farm.

What Makes Boulder Flower Farm Special

Boulder Flower Farm is a sweet homestead and working flower farm only about 10 minutes from the heart of boulder. You can book BFF just for your wedding day, or for both your wedding and the rehearsal dinner the night before. Between the homestead, the flower farm itself and the wide open space that hosts the majority of the festivities, Boulder Flower Farm is the perfect blank canvas for planning your wedding day.

A Blank Canvas Venue

First and foremost what makes Boulder Flower Farm so special as a wedding venue is the sheer beauty of the venue itself. The scenery surrounding the venue is breathtaking and makes for some of the most incredible photo opportunities I’ve ever experienced as a wedding photographer here in Colorado. With this venue being a literal flower farm, the space is SO beautiful on its own. BFF limits the number of weddings it takes per year to preserve the greenery that makes up the farm, so you know the space will always be beautiful for your wedding day.

This natural beauty allows you to worry less about the decor and the details of your wedding day because of the beauty the venue holds on its’ own. You can let the venue do the heavy lifting for you, take in the gorgeous scenery of the farm, and have your wedding surrounded by the beauty of Colorado’s nature. That being said though, the venue itself is a blank canvas, meaning you can get as creative and as detailed as you want on your wedding day as well!

Multiple Spaces

Not only is the venue a beautiful blank slate that gives you the freedom to craft the perfect wedding day, but it also has multiple spaces throughout that have a variety of potential uses. From getting ready spaces, outdoor spaces for your ceremony and newlywed portraits, and optional use of the farmhouse residence, Boulder Flower Farm has it all. The Farmhouse is especially great as it has so many uses like your rehearsal dinner, getting ready spaces, a place to stay, and even a morning after brunch. Having all this on the premises allows you to have your full wedding day at the venue. This allows you and your guests to minimize travel on your wedding day and in turn minimizes your stress when it comes to sticking to your timeline and gathering the people you need when you need them.

Location Location Location

Speaking of minimizing your travel time, Boulder Flower Farm is located only a 10 minute drive away from Boulder. This keeps things incredibly simple for guests that are traveling either across state or from out of state. There are so many options for your guests to stay in and around Boulder which will keep your guests happy and allow them to stay longer and enjoy more of your wedding day with you.

Build Your Own Vendor Team

One of the coolest parts of Boulder Flower Farm as a venue is that they do not have built-in vendors for the venue. While this might sound stressful at first, let me explain why this is a blessing. Your wedding day is often a once in a lifetime experience. That success and enjoyment of that experience often rests on your vendor team and the services they’ll be providing on your wedding day.

While the vendors wedding venues provide or recommend are usually of high quality, there really is no replacing curating your team for an experience perfectly tailored to you and the wedding you hope to have. Having a vendor team you know and can trust to put on the day you envision allows you to feel at ease throughout your day, it allows your family members to take on less of the responsibilities, and lets you focus on what’s actually important, enjoying your wedding day!

Flowers, Flowers, and More Flowers

The name Boulder Flower Farm isn’t just for show, they are a legitimate flower farm and have been for the past 35 years. With this much experience and a focus on the flower farm, there’s so much additional beauty to the venue space from their flowers, which are literally everywhere. Having your florals done by the venue not only keeps things on the simple side for you, but they are just so beautiful that you and your guests will be in awe throughout the entirety of your wedding day celebrations.

The Experience at Boulder Flower Farm

Last but not least for reasons to love this venue is the overall experience you’ll have. Everything listed so far has been building up the experience you can have at Boulder Flower Farm. The venue allows you so much flexibility for your wedding day, ease of access for you and your guests, and a beautiful setting and flowers to boot. The magic doesn’t stop there though as the owners are some of the most kind I’ve met from a wedding venue.

They love getting to know the couples looking to create a one-of-a-kind experience at their farm, and provide personal touches to make you feel at home as well as seasonal flowers from the farm for your day. And as a special note they do have a cat on the farm as well that meanders around the grounds and will pop in on your wedding day from time to time. All this creates a wedding venue that is an easy pick for those looking to keep things simple or those looking to make their wedding day as detailed as possible!

I could go on and on about the reasons I love Boulder Flower Farm as a wedding venue, but then we’d be here all day. By now it should be pretty clear to see why the venue holds such high regard in my eyes and why it definitely should be in consideration as you plan your Colorado wedding. Speaking of which, if you’re still in need of a photographer for your wedding day head to my contact page so we can plan your day together.

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